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Made with Pride in the USA!

It is not a secret to anyone who lives in this great country of ours we call The United States of America, that our economy is in trouble. Big trouble. In the past, the USA was responsible for a large portion of the exporting, however, in recent years things have changed. Other countries are exporting their goods to the USA in large quantities that are produced at cheaper costs, which usually makes it less expensive for the end user. Sounds like a good deal doesn’t it? Spending less money. Cutting costs. Everyone wants to save a dollar, right? Well, as many of us Americans are purchasing products made in other countries, businesses are closing and jobs are being lost here at home.

So, why not buy American and keep our country going strong? Purchasing products from manufacturers located in the USA will boost the morale of the nation, which will in turn keep the American economy going. Typically, products that are made in the USA are of better quality because of the strict regulations, which produces a better quality products in the end. Buy American and save the American economy.

There are American citizens who only purchase American made products and take the time to do research to find out what products fit their standards. For some, cheaper price wins, no matter where the product came from. There are many safety products that are Made in the USA. Here are just a few of the most popular safety products that are American made:

Uvex and AO Safety make safety glasses for those seeking American made products. All meet ANSI Z87.1 standards. With a variety of shapes, lenses, colors, and styles available you will be sure to find what you are looking for.

If you have been looking for Uvex Protege safety glasses but have stopped short of purchasing because they aren’t made in the USA, well now you have no reason not to buy! As of July 2009, Uvex Protege are proudly made in the USA. Featuring a unique design, lightweight comfort, and exceptional performance.

The ever-so-popular Peltor Kids Earmuffs are also Made in the USA. These earmuffs provide excellent hearing protection for children with sensitive hearing and kids that need hearing protection. Perfect for kids up to age 7, these low profile earmuffs are lightweight and easy to wear. Most children aren’t bothered by the earmuffs and don’t fuss or take them off.

With the Swine Flu Pandemic all around us, you need to be protected. 3M Particulate Respirators are some of the most popular Swine Flu protection products in the market and they’re Made in the USA! You can’t go wrong with 3M respirators. 3M respirators are not only for protection against the Swine Flu, but their selection helps match the respirator to the work environment.

Every American has the ability to help prevent businesses downsizing or closing. When you buy American made products it helps keep our country working, and helps keep the companies that you work for in business, and it helps our country. So, don’t just be American, Buy American!

Swine Flu Respirators

H1N1 RespiratorsThe swine flu outbreak is concerning many health officials. This flu was originally thought only to affect pigs, but recently has killed at least 60 people in Mexico. Health officials claim 8 people in the U.S. have also been effected by this unusual virus. This virus is reported to be contagious and is spreading from human to human. Scary as it sounds, officals have yet to determine how easily the virus spreads between people.

According to the CDC, the virus is an influenza A virus, carrying the designation H1N1. It contains DNA from avian, swine and human viruses, including elements from European and Asian swine viruses. Swine flu symptoms are claimed to include fever, lethargy, lack of appetite and coughing. Some people who have contracted the virus have also reported runny nose, sore throat, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

People are recommend to wear Swine Flu Respirators and take the following precautions:

  • Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue before you cough or sneeze and dispose of it afterward. An N95 respirator or a medical mask is highly recommend.
  • Wash your hands often with soap and hot water, especially after sneezing, coughing, or close contact with an infected person. Alcohol-based hand sanitizer may also help.
  • Avoid close contact with sick people.
  • If you become sick, stay home from work or school and limit your contact with others.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth, to prevent the spread of germs.

PAPR Systems in the Workplace

For about 25 years, powered air-purifying respirators have been used whenever workers were exposed to a high level of contamination or required a higher assigned protection factor. The use of PAPRs in the workplace has increased for a number of reasons. Today users want a higher level of protection and know alot more about environmental hazards.

One of the biggest reasons why users are switching to PAPRs is because of there latest advancements and designs. Today’s PAPRs provide ultimate comfort and easy donning but most importantly, PAPR systems are easier to breathe through than other respiratory products on the market. Employees who work for longer shifts like the comfort of breathing through a PAPR, which translates into a higher degree of productivity.

OSHA has assigned PAPRs a much higher protection factor. For example: a stand-alone full-face negative-pressure air-purifying respirator has an OSHA APF of 50, while the same same full-face respirator carries an APF of 1,000 when used as a part of a PAPR system.

PAPRs many be the best respiratory protection for some workers, in terms of higher protection, increased comfort, longer-term protection and better job productivity. Enviro Safety Products can help you explore your options and compare respirators to find the best PAPR System that best suites your application.

3M Breathe Easy Powered Air Purifying System

3M Breath Easy PAPRThe 3M Breathe Easy PAPR (Powered Air-Purifying Respirator) Systems provide comfortable, efficient powered air respiratory protection. The 3M Breathe Easy System uses interchangeable cartridges to protect the wearer against gases, vapors and particulates. System comes complete with your choice of headgear. Choose from 3M R-Series General Purpose Helmet, 3M BE-12 Hood, 3M BE-10 Hood and a First Responder Hood. All head coverings are lightweight and durable. Hoods accommodate facial hair and personal glasses while the helmet provides ANSI hardhat protection. Turbo motor blower unit draws ambient air through a filter/cartridge/canister and supplies filtered air through the breathing tube to the headpiece. Recharged batteries provide up to 8 hours of performance. This system is good for the following industries: Abatement, Nuclear, Utilities, Smelting, Lead Reclamation, Pharmaceutical, Foundry and steel welding.

Wear It Right – Putting On Your Filtering Facepiece Respirator

Filtering Facepiece RespiratorsCheck the seal of your filtering facepiece respirator each time you use the respirator:

For non-valved respirators:

1.Place both hands completely
over the respirator and exhale.
The respirator should bulge slightly.
If air leaks between the face and
faceseal of the respirator, reposition
it and readjust the nose clip for a more
secure seal. If you cannot achieve a
proper seal, do not enter the
contaminated area. See your supervisor.

For valved respirators:

1.Place both hands over the
respirator and inhale sharply.
The respirator should collapse
slightly. If air leaks between the
face and faceseal of the respirator,
reposition it and readjust the nose
clip for a more secure seal. If you
cannot achieve a proper seal, do not
enter the contaminated area.
See your supervisor.

Wearing your filtering facepiece respirator:

Proper Respirator Placement

1. Place the respirator over your
nose and mouth. Be sure the
metal nose clip is on top. With
models 8210 or 07048, pre-stretch
the straps before wearing.

2. Pull the top strap over your
head until it rests on the
crown of your head above
your ears.

3. Pull the bottom strap over
your head until it rests just
below your ears.

4. Using both hands starting at
the top, mold the metal nose
clip around your nose to
achieve a secure seal

Respiratory Protection

“Respiratory protection must be worn whenever you are working in a hazardous atmosphere. The appropriate respirator will depend on the contaminant(s) to which you are exposed and the protection factor (PF) required. Required respirators must be NIOSH-approved and medical evaluation and training must be provided before use.” – OSHA

Single Strap Dust Masks

Single-strap dust masks are usually not NIOSH-approved. They must not be used to protect from hazardous atmospheres. However, they may be useful in providing comfort from pollen or other allergens.

Filtering Facepiece Respirators

Approved filtering facepieces (dust masks) can be used for dust, mists, welding fumes, etc. They do not provide protection from gases or vapors. DO NOT USE FOR ASBESTOS OR LEAD; instead, select from the respirators below.

Half Facepiece Respirators

Half-face respirators can be used for protection against most vapors, acid gases, dust or welding fumes. Cartridges/filters must match contaminant(s) and be changed periodically.

Full Facepiece RespiratorsFull-face respirators are more protective than half-face respirators. They can also be used for protection against most vapors, acid gases, dust or welding fumes. The face-shield protects face and eyes from irritants and contaminants. Cartridges/filters must match contaminant(s) and be changed periodically.

Powerd Air Purifying Respirators

Loose-fitting powered-air-purifying respirators (PAPR) offer breathing comfort from a battery-powered fan which pulls air through filters and circulates air throughout helmet/hood. They may be used as part of a hazmat suit and can be worn by most workers who have beards. Cartridges/filters must match contaminant(s) and be changed periodically.

Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus

A Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) is used for entry and escape from atmospheres that are considered immediately dangerous to life and health (IDLH) or oxygen deficient. They use their own air tank.

Proposed Guidance on Workplace Stockpiling of Respirators and Facemasks for Pandemic Influenza

“In the event of an influenza pandemic, employers will play a key role in protecting employees’ health and safety as well as in limiting the impact on the economy and society. Employers will likely experience employee absences, changes in patterns of commerce and interrupted supply and delivery schedules. To further preparedness efforts, the Department of Labor (DOL) proposes to publish this information on stockpiling respirators and facemasks in occupational settings as an appendix to the DOL and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) jointly issued Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for an Influenza Pandemic (February 2007). This proposed guidance is designed to encourage employers in the private and public sectors to purchase and stockpile facemasks and respirators in advance of an influenza pandemic, because manufacturing capacity at the time of an outbreak would not meet the expected demand for respiratory protection devices during the pandemic. Through advanced planning and stockpiling, employers will be able to better protect their employees as well as lessen the impact of a pandemic on their business, society, and the economy.

As is explained in more detail in this guidance, employers should consider stockpiling facemasks and respirators. More specifically, it is recommended that employees at very-high risk and high risk of exposure to pandemic influenza use respirators, while employees at medium risk of exposure use facemasks. Neither facemasks nor respirators are recommended for employees at lower risk of exposure to pandemic influenza.” – OSHA

3M Adflo PAPR System with 3M Clear Visor

ClearVisor PAPRThe new ClearVisor Powered Air Purifying Respirator System combines respiratory, eye and face protection in one convenient product. Ideally suited for the woodworking and metal working professional, or for anyone working in a dusty environment, the ClearVisor PAPR allows the user to work comfortably and safely. The Adflo’s motor blower provides constant flow, HEPA filtered air powered by a rechargeable NiMH battery for up to 8 hours of run time. Loose fitting visor face seal accommodates workers with facial hair and eliminates the need for respirator fit testing. It doesn’t take long to realize just how comfortable work can be. Comfort can help lead to more work, less breaks.