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Pelican for Patriots Program Continues

Free Pelican Cases for VeteransThe Pelican for Patriots program was scheduled to end on 12/31/2010, but Pelican Products has decided to extend it indefinitely. This unique program offers a FREE PELICAN CASE to soldiers who have lost a limb in service of our country, as a way to say thank you for their sacrifice.

It’s common for people with prosthetic limbs to have multiple prosthetics, either as back-ups, or for specific tasks, and storage can be problematic. Now, the same Pelican Cases used on the battlefield will protect your valuable prosthetics. Pelican will even customize the interior to the exact measurements of your prosthetic to ensure a secure fit. Strong and durable, Pelican Cases feature an open cell core with solid wall design for lightweight protection. An o-ring seal makes Pelican Cases watertight, and dust-proof, yet open easily with a light tug on the double throw latches. Suggested models are the Pelican 1200 Case for smaller prosthetics, the Pelican 1510 Case for medium sized prosthetics, and the Pelican 1700 Case for larger prosthetics.

Eligibility: The Pelican for Patriots program is open to those service members of the United States, Canadian, Australian, or British armed forces who lost a limb in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) or Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF). To enroll in this program, please fill out this Pelican for Patriots Order Form, and submit to Pelican for processing.

To all the brave men and women serving in the military, and Pelican Products would like to say thank you for all the sacrifices made protecting our freedom.

Protecting Your Valuables During Hurricane Season

Hurricane Season is officially here. If you live in the Gulf States, that means gassing up, stocking up and boarding up. When it’s time to evacuate, people take with them only as much as they can carry. But how do you protect the things that get left behind? Pelican Cases can help!

  • Large Items: Electronics such as desktop computers, game consoles, and blue-ray players are too expensive to forget about, but too large to take with you. Pelican Cube Cases offer an ultra-durable, stackable storage solution. They are waterproof, crush-proof, and foam lined which make them ideal for protecting delicate electronics.
  • Documents: Keep important documents like birth, death and marriage certificates, passports, stocks and bonds safe and dry with the Pelican 1437 Case. The top-loading design, padded dividers, and shoulder strap make it easy to organize, store, and transport vital documents.
  • Sentimental Items: Insurance can’t replace personal mementos such as photo albums, trophies, heirlooms, and other keepsakes of great significance to you. Large Pelican Cases offer a spacious interior, and optional foam and padded dividers to protect those irreplaceable belongings. In addition to being crush-proof, waterproof, and air tight, all Pelican Cases include a pressure release valve which adjusts to the rapid atmospheric pressure changes that can occur during a hurricane.

Helpful Hints:

  1. Do a “Dry Run”. Practice packing your valuables away so you know how items will sit, and how much time it takes.
  2. Pelican Cases DO float! Cases should be stored in a closet or other confined space or chained to a pipe or banister to minimize the risk of floating away.
  3. Write down an inventory of high value items such as electronics, jewelry, stocks, and bonds. This will make insurance paperwork easier in the event of theft or damage.

A hurricane can cause millions of dollars in damages. Don’t let your valuables get washed away. Protect them with Pelican Cases.

Protect Your Smart Phone With the Pelican i1015 Case

iPhone Case from PelicanHave you ever experienced that moment of shear panic as you watch your iPhone fall, hoping nothing gets damaged? Well, with our new i1015 iPhone/Smart Phone Case from Pelican, you can relax, knowing your smart phone is safe.  Like all Pelican Cases, the i1015 is virtually indestructible. The hard plastic shell is crush proof, yet opens easily with a pull of the latch. Inside the case, a rubber liner holds the phone securely in place, keeping the screen scratch-free. The rubber liner also doubles as an O-ring, providing a tight seal to keep out things like dirt and even water.  The external audio jack allows you to listen to music without having to open the case and expose your phone to the elements. So go ahead – take your smart phone to the pool, the beach, or the mountains. The i1015 iPhone Case from Pelican can withstand any abuse you can dish out!

The i1015 fits the following smart phones:

  • iPhone, iPhone 4, and iPod Touch
  • Blackberry Bold, Curve, Storm, and Pearl
  • T-Mobile MyTouch 3G and G1 Nokia
  • Motorola Droid and Cliq

NEW Pelican Case!

Pelican Tool Chest 450Another member has been added to the Pelican Case family. The Pelican 0450 Tool Case has numerous of features making it easier than ever to transport and house your tools. Like all Pelican Cases, the 0450 tool case is built tough. It has passed over 70 tests including water submersion, extreme tempeatures tests and drop tests from five feet fully loaded. The Pelican Tool Chest was built with easy mobility in mind. Designed with two way handles, removable drawers, heavy duty butteress hinges and a secure stack design. This isn’t your average tool box.

Pelican Laptop Cases

Pelican Protective CasesThese Pelican Cases are the perfect accessory for any laptop computer. They come with the standard Pelican lifetime warranty and are guaranteed to provide a lifetime of waterproof, shockproof and dust proof protection. These protective cases are virtually unbreakable and are available in a wide range of sizes to practically fit any size notebook. Need protection AND organization? No problem! Most Pelican computer cases are available with lid organizers for quick and easy storage of documents, portable drives, chargers and more. Protect your laptop and your investment with a Pelican Laptop Case.

Pelican Micro Cases

Pelican Micro CasesLook how cute! Micro Pelican Cases are the smallest Pelican Cases available. Perfect size for protecting all your small valuable items. The Pelican i1030 is especially designed to hold and protect your iPod, Nano or shuffle. Case measures 4.4 inches long and 1.70 inches thick, making this case the most portable case ever! Features a lid organizer to store your earphones, an active sport band with double tie-down and external headphone jack making the i1030 Pelican Case the ideal way to protect your device while you play it in rugged terrain. Waterproof, airtight, an a lifetime warranty! What are you waiting for?

Pelican Memory Card Cases to the Rescue

Pelican SD CaseAre you tired of losing your memory cards for your camera or other electronic device? Then Pelican Products have a solution for you. Pelican Cases, are now offering photographers and consumer electronics users, a Memory Card Case to keep their precious media dry and secure. So yes these cases are designed to offer protection, but I like to use them to organize and store those small memory cards. The cases are small and compact (about 4.25″ x 2.25″) and only about 1″ thick. They’re available for almost all media types: SD/Mini SD, XD, Compact Flash and for MS (Memory Stick) cards.The Memory Card Cases come standard with a silicon o-ring for a water-resistant seal and streamlined design with a high impact polycarbonate shell that stands up to punishing conditions. Additionally, they feature a strong latch that keeps the case closed after drops and hard knocks and a shock-absorbing liner that adds another level of protection for the cards. And remember that they are covered by the Pelican Products Legendary Lifetime Guarantee of Excellence: You break it, we replace…forever.

Pelican Cases – First Responders Put These Cases To The Test

Pelican EMS Case - Pelican Cases
Pelican Cases 1500 and 1550 are being used by more First Responder units than any other protective hard case. The First Responders must have the most reliable tools to do their jobs. With lives on the line, failure do to faulty craftsmanship or sub-par manufacturing materials is not an option. The high-impact, watertight protective cases keep emergency supplies organized and ready for deployment into the field. The Pelican EMS cases are unique in that they feature a specially engineered medical supply organization system which includes a lid organizer with clear pockets and a fully customizable, hook-and-loop, padded divider set. Learn more about the unique features of the Pelican EMS cases.