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Just added to Enviro!

decisions decisions We are making changes! Enviro Safety Products is dedicated to making your shopping experience as easy as possible.  Customers are often undecided on which item is best for them and we understand why.  Our  products can be hard to figure out at times, especially when safety standards and hazardous conditions are involved, that’s why we added convenient selection guides to our resource center.  Now you have the ability to shop for items with easy to understand explanations and comparisons of similar items.  We have started our library with our most questioned categories including powered air respirators, hi vis safety vests, shooting earmuffs, and disposable clothing.

What else is new?  We are constantly expanded categories to offer the best selection and prices available. Now you have an even bigger selection of high visibility shirts, welding clothing and mechanics gloves.  Be sure to check out what’s new to Enviro today!

Are you prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse?

The threat of a Zombie Apocalypse has many people stocking up on basic essentials like canned food, bottled water, and even weapons. But in order to survive a hoard of zombies, you will need more than that. A good emergency Zombie Survival Kit should also include items designed to protect you from environmental hazards, as well.

Lights: You need to be able to see the zombies to fight them. Flashlights can be unreliable. If the bulb blows out, or the batteries die, that leaves you in the dark, at the mercy of the zombies! We suggest glow sticks, instead. These 6″ SnapLight Glowsticks from Cyalume provide 360° and up to 12 hours of ultra-bright light. Glowsticks are compact for easy storage, and provide an affordable, reliable alternative to traditional flashlights.

Protective Clothing: Zombies are an oozing, dripping, disgusting mess. It is important to keep skin covered when fighting zombies, to avoid contact with the zombie ick. For everyday use, we highly recommend Tyvek Coveralls to keep your skin and clothing clean. They are abrasion resistant, and repel liquids. Best of all, they’re disposable! When you’re done chopping up zombies, simply remove the coveralls and throw them away. You will also need a good pair of gloves. HexArmor gloves provide excellent cut and abrasion resistance, which is important when a zombie is trying to bite off your finger! HexArmor gloves also feature the highest level of cut resistance available (ISEA Level 5), and are machine-washable. Choosing the right footwear is also important. Zombie butt-kicking requires a sturdy pair of boots, like these Tingley Boots. Tingley’s HazProof Boots, originally designed for HazMat cleanup, have been tested to Military Standard 282 and meet chemical permeation requirements of NFPA 1991 Standard on Vapor-Protective Ensembles for Hazardous Materials Emergencies 2005 Edition. Made from a special polymer material, these boots are 11″ tall and feature a sure-grip sole to provide excellent traction even in wet conditions.

Respiratory Protection: Zombies smell horrible. Protect yourself from nuisance-level airborne contaminants with this disposable N95 Respirator from 3M. The 8511 Mask filters out 95% of non oil-based particles, and features an adjustable nose clip and Cool-Flow exhalation valve for all-day comfort. For heavy duty respiratory protection, check out these half and full face 3M Respirators. These 3M respirators come in a variety of styles and sizes, ensuring the proper level of respiratory protection for any job.

First Aid: For the brave people who do battle with the living dead, injuries are inevitable. This Standard Trauma Kit from Medique contains 22 first aid items to treat minor to moderate injuries, such as burns, scrapes, and sprains. After a long day of fighting zombies, these Medi-First Pain Relief Tablets and Cold Packs will ease the pain of tired, aching muscles. Proper electrolyte balance is important to ensure maximum zombie destruction. Sqwincher Hydration Packs can replace electrolytes lost during battle, increasing alertness and productivity.

These are only a few suggestions. There are many more products to aid in the struggle against the army of the living dead. But the most important thing to remember is this – always be on guard.

The Zombie Apocalypse could happen at any time. When the undead come for you, will you be ready?

Enviro Safety Products is Now on Faceboook!

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Enviro Safety Products is now on Facebook! Checkout out our Fan page and become a fan of our site. All new fans will receive a special offer for your next purchase. Login to Facebook now.

Enviro Featured in Tool Guide Magazine! – Trend Airshield

Enviro Safety Products has been featured in the 2010 Edition of Taunton’s Tool Guide Magazine! Enviro’s mention arises from the competitive prices of the Trend Airshield and Trend Airshield Pro. On top of the low prices, Enviro offers a Trend Airshield Coupon to save customers even more money! Tool Guide has Enviro listed as one of “Our Favorites” featuring the Trend Airshield products. This magazine feature shows that Enviro has the best Powered Respirators for the price. Trend Airshield and Trend Airshield Pro are both comfortable and extremely effective respirators to prevent inhalation of harmful dust.

Tool Guide keeps customers updated with the latest innovations to make sure customers get the most for their money. Tool Guide is an up-to-date, comprehensive, authoritative tool-buying guide that compiles appraisals and valuable product comparisons from 6,000 actuals users, including industry users and regular people.

New home for Minuteman Vacuums

Enviro Safety Products is one of the largest distributors of safety products for the workplace. With a quick realization that due to the popularity and quality of the Minuteman brand sold on the Enviro Safety Products website, a new site has been created specifically dedicated to Minuteman Vacuums. Enviro Safety Products is proud to annouce the recent launch of .  Not only will you find the complete and extensive line of Minuteman Vacuums, but the necessary replacement parts and accessories to go with the vacuum of your choice. By choosing Minuteman Vac, you will receive the most up-to-date and innovative technology for commercial and industrial cleaning.

Minuteman Vac is a factory authorized outlet of Minuteman Vacuums. You will find all Minuteman brand vacuums for even the toughest cleaning jobs. Vacuums include Automatic Scrubbers, Carpet Care, Sweepers, Floor Machines, Burnishers, Tank Vacuums, Air Operated Vacuums, Hazardous Materials Vacuums, and Specialty Vacuums. Whatever commercial and industrial cleaning you need done, Minuteman Vac is sure to have the right vacuum for the job. Minuteman Vacs are a desired brand in the Commercial Cleaning industry. Minuteman Vac offers high quality machines without high cost. Choose Minuteman Vac for all your commercial and industrial cleaning needs.

Trend Airshield Price Update

Considering our bad economy, it should be no surprise most manufactures have increased their prices and TREND is no exception. Trend is now implementing M.A.P. (Minimum Advertised Price) on all their items. The popular TREND Airshield and TREND Airshield Pro now sell for $320 and $399. These are popular PAPR systems among woodworkers and others who need excellent protection from the inhalation of harmful dust. We know the last thing our customers need is to pay more for safety, that’s why we are offering a coupon on all Trend Airshield products. Make sure to request a coupon before you checkout to receive instant savings on your purchase.