Free Heat Index Calculator App: Heat Safety Tool

Heat Safety ToolThe Heat Safety Tool app from OSHA is a handy tool for calculating the heat index of your job site to determine protective measures for heat stress prevention.

This smartphone app works by using your current location to determine the temperature and humidity levels, then calculates the heat index and displays a risk level for outdoor workers. Users can then read precautionary tips associated with the risk level, including replenishing fluids, taking the appropriate breaks, training for new employees and emergency panning and response.

The app provides:

  • Heat Index Calculator
  • Heat Risk Levels (Lower, Medium, High, Very High)
  • Heat stress prevention tips
  • Training on what is heat stroke, heat exhaustion, heat cramps and heat rash signs and symptoms
  • First Aid tips for treating heat stress illnesses
  • OSHA contact info

Remember, when working in the heat safety comes first and with the Heat Safety Tool app, you’ll have all the vital information for preventing heat stress related illnesses at work. This app is available for iPhones and on the Android Market

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