New Fire Service Gloves for Firefighters

Our selection of Fire Gloves has expanded to include Shelby Specialty Gloves, an industry leader in firefighting gloves and the top choice for professional and volunteer firefighters around the world. Shelby gloves deliver world class performance and hand protection during extrication, rescue, aircraft rescue, wildland and structural firefighting operations.

Structure Gloves – NFPA or OSHA certified gloves made to perform at a high-level and meet the demands of structural firefighters. These gloves come in various materials that have fire retardant properties.
Wildland Gloves – used by wildland firefighters, these gloves offer a high-level of cut and abrasion resistance, while providing excellent dexterity when handling fire tools, including chainsaws, rakes, shovels and drip torches.
Proximity Gloves – made from aluminized PBI/Kevlar, these gloves protect against extreme radiant heat generated by burning fuels and other Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting operations.
Extrication Gloves – these specially designed gloves have cut, puncture and abrasion resistant properties that protect firefighters and rescuers from sharp objects during extrication operations. They also have extra padding around the knuckles.
Rope Gloves – specifically designed to protect your hands from injuries associated with rope rescue operations. Rope gloves have reinforcements built-into areas of the glove where rope is handled the most.
Rescue Gloves – general purpose work gloves that offer excellent protection against cuts and abrasions.

Shelby fire gloves come loaded with features including waterproof liners and flame resistant fabric liners that are breathable and sewn directly to the glove shell. These fire resistant gloves have the level of protection your firefighting application requires.

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