Archive for March 16, 2009

Customers’ Top Picks:

1. Gateway Starlite Safety Glasses – Extremely lightweight and affordable! These safety glasses provide you with superior eye protection. Starlite safety glasses are comfortable, stylish and light on your wallet.
2. Peltor Kids Earmuffs – Our most popular kids earmuff. Peltor Kids provide hearing protection for children under the age of 7 (including infants!) Great for concerts, races, games, and any other loud events.
3. EAR Classic Corded Ear Plugs – The most popular earplug in the world! Soft foam design provides comfortable all day wear. You can never go wrong when going classic.
4. 3M 6800 Full Face Respirator – Durable and comfortable. 3M’s 6800 full face respirators provide lightweight filtration for a wide range of applications. 3M kits are also available with this respirator.
5. G-Tek MaxiFlex Gloves – Our customers love these work gloves! The G-Tek Maxi-Flex are super lightweight and provide excellent protection against water and oil. Definitely one of our top sellers.
6. Peltor Tactical 6-S – Popular among our hunters and shooters. The Peltor Tactial 6-S headset is designed to amplify low noises while eliminating loud ones.