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Just Added! Stay Warm With OccuNomix Winter Liners

Occunomix Liners and HatsWinter is here! We now carry a large selection of winter liners in various of styles. Our selection includes fleece liners, hard hat liners, beanies, insulated hats and much more. These liners not only keep you warm but they provide you with superior comfort and excellent cold stress relief. Crafted from flexible, durable material, this head gear allows room for other safety products, like ear plugs or protective glasses. You will see the difference in your body temperature when wearing these warm fleece liners. Be sure to protect yourself from cold related injuries by staying warm with our winter liners!

The PowerCom Family of Two-Way Radio Communication Headsets

Peltor PowerCom HeadsetsPeltor has achieved the ultimate in a communication product by combining a headset 2-way radio all in one! Offering comparable hearing protection to a set of earplugs or ear muffs, these headsets provide clear communication up to a 2-mile range without the use of bulky radios and wires. The PowerCom Family consist of a large assortment of styles and features. Choose among the Peltor LiteCom, PowerCom, PowerCom BRS, PowerCom Plus and PowerCom Plus II. Most of these models are available in a standard headband model, neckband model or hard hat mounts for superior functionability. All models come with unique features designed to improve your workplace efficiency while providing superior hearing protection along with 2-way communication.

Workplace Safety with Homer Simpson

“In-plant containers of hazardous chemicals must be labeled, tagged, or marked with the identity of the material and appropriate hazard warnings. Chemical manufacturers, importers, and distributors must ensure that every container of hazardous chemicals they ship is appropriately labeled with such information and with the name and address of the producer or other responsible party. Employers purchasing chemicals can rely on the labels provided by their suppliers. If the material is subsequently transferred by the employer from a labeled container to another container, the employer will have to label that container, unless it is subject to the portable container exemption.”

OSHA – Hazard Communication Guidelines for Compliance

Pelican Laptop Cases

Pelican Protective CasesThese Pelican Cases are the perfect accessory for any laptop computer. They come with the standard Pelican lifetime warranty and are guaranteed to provide a lifetime of waterproof, shockproof and dust proof protection. These protective cases are virtually unbreakable and are available in a wide range of sizes to practically fit any size notebook. Need protection AND organization? No problem! Most Pelican computer cases are available with lid organizers for quick and easy storage of documents, portable drives, chargers and more. Protect your laptop and your investment with a Pelican Laptop Case.