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Did You Know???

Did you know the most common eye hazards happen in an industrial work setting? However, eye injuries are not limited to just industrial environments, they can happen in almost every industry out there. There is a dramatic amount of work place injuries that happen in the US everyday. An estimated, 1000 daily injuries are eye related and can easily be avoided if the proper eye protection is worn. Always wear effective eye protection; either safety glasses, goggles or face shields. Better training, education and maintenance on safety glasses can also reduce the number of injuries. Keeping your safety glasses properly maintained can reduce the amount of scratches and dirt that may cause glare and contribute to accidents. OSHA standards require that employers provide workers with suitable eye protection. Do some research and find out what type of safety glasses will be needed for your particular job.

Drug-Free Work Week

Mark your calendars!
Drug-Free work Week 2008 will be held October 20-26

Held annually in October, Drug-Free Work Week is a public awareness campaign that highlights the importance of being drug free to workplace safety and encourages workers with alcohol and drug problems to seek help.

Drug-Free Work Week is an outcome of the DOL’s Drug-Free Workplace Alliances, a cooperative agreement focused on improving safety and health in construction industry through drug-free workplace programs. The first Drug-Free Work Week was held in 2006, and is subsequent years, more and more organizations-representing a range of industries-also rallied behind the effort, helping firmly establish it as an annual opportunity to reinforce to employers and employees alike that “working drug free works”.

Today, Drug-Free Work Week is implemented by DOL’s Working Partners for an Alcohol- and Drug-Free Workplace program in collaboration with a number of National Planning Partners, including not only members of the Drug-Free Workplace Alliance, but also several Federal government agencies and non-profit associations focused on alcohol and drug abuse prevention and/or workplace safety and health. Together, these organizations help spread the word to encourage individual workplaces to conduct activities reflecting the true spirit of Drug-Free Work Week.