How To Change The Batteries In The Peltor Tactical 6-S Headset

Don’t feel bad, changing the batteries in the Peltor Tactical 6-S Electronic Headset can be bit of a challenge. This video demonstrates how to remove the ear piece.

1.Hold the ear cup in the palm of your hand.
2.Take your index and middle finger and insert it into the open hole in the ear cup.
3.On the hard plastic hygiene ring inside the ear seal, you may feel a groove. Place fingers here.
4.Pull on the hard plastic hygiene ring and press your knuckles on the gray foam that is also located in the ear seal.
5.The seal is on tight to provide you with the most hearing protection. It is very tight, PULL HARD TOWARDS YOU.
6.Ear seal should pop off.
7.It is just as hard to put back on, we recommend putting it back on like a Tupperware lid. Start at one end of the headset and press your fingers around the rim until it is back on firmly. You will hear a SNAP (this confirms it is sealed).
8.If you require further assistance, please contact us @ 1-800-665-2942.

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