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Pelican Memory Card Cases to the Rescue

Pelican SD CaseAre you tired of losing your memory cards for your camera or other electronic device? Then Pelican Products have a solution for you. Pelican Cases, are now offering photographers and consumer electronics users, a Memory Card Case to keep their precious media dry and secure. So yes these cases are designed to offer protection, but I like to use them to organize and store those small memory cards. The cases are small and compact (about 4.25″ x 2.25″) and only about 1″ thick. They’re available for almost all media types: SD/Mini SD, XD, Compact Flash and for MS (Memory Stick) cards.The Memory Card Cases come standard with a silicon o-ring for a water-resistant seal and streamlined design with a high impact polycarbonate shell that stands up to punishing conditions. Additionally, they feature a strong latch that keeps the case closed after drops and hard knocks and a shock-absorbing liner that adds another level of protection for the cards. And remember that they are covered by the Pelican Products Legendary Lifetime Guarantee of Excellence: You break it, we replace…forever.

Lighted Safety Glasses Make A Great Gift (You’ll want to keep them so get two)

Light Vision GlassesThese AO Safety Light Vision LED Safety Glasses with anti-fog coating are the handiest safety glasses ever made. Direct light right where you need it! It doesn’t get any better than that. I recently used these safety glasses while wiring my 1968 Camaro project car. Even under the dash and up underneath the car I could see exactly what I was doing. No more moving the hot drop-light around trying to position it just right. The LED lights are super bright and the rubber temples and nose piece makes these safety glasses very comfortable to wear. Plus, the streamlined design leaves room for other protective gear, like ear plugs or a hard hat. I would highly recommend these to anyone working on projects where hands free, focused light is needed. Once you have a pair, you’ll be amazed just how often you end up using them.

Pelican Cases – First Responders Put These Cases To The Test

Pelican EMS Case - Pelican Cases
Pelican Cases 1500 and 1550 are being used by more First Responder units than any other protective hard case. The First Responders must have the most reliable tools to do their jobs. With lives on the line, failure do to faulty craftsmanship or sub-par manufacturing materials is not an option. The high-impact, watertight protective cases keep emergency supplies organized and ready for deployment into the field. The Pelican EMS cases are unique in that they feature a specially engineered medical supply organization system which includes a lid organizer with clear pockets and a fully customizable, hook-and-loop, padded divider set. Learn more about the unique features of the Pelican EMS cases.

G-Tek Maxiflex Nitrile Coated Gloves, Great For Many Uses

We’ve had quite a bit of interest in our G-Tek Maxiflex Micro-Foam Nitrile Coated Gloves lately. Customers have reported many great uses for these gloves including Automotive work, Assembly Line, Machining, Painting, Maintenance, and even Horticulture.

Many of our own employees in the shipping department wear them. “I don’t mind wearing the G-Teks all day long. The lightweight material is breathable keeping my hands dry and the nitrile coating provides an excellent grip while I’m shipping products.” – Jay

Let us know how you are using your G-Tek Nitrile Coated Gloves and take a look at our entire selection of work gloves. Feel free to drop us an email or add a comment to this post.