Lighted Safety Glasses Make A Great Gift (You’ll want to keep them so get two)

Light Vision GlassesThese AO Safety Light Vision LED Safety Glasses with anti-fog coating are the handiest safety glasses ever made. Direct light right where you need it! It doesn’t get any better than that. I recently used these safety glasses while wiring my 1968 Camaro project car. Even under the dash and up underneath the car I could see exactly what I was doing. No more moving the hot drop-light around trying to position it just right. The LED lights are super bright and the rubber temples and nose piece makes these safety glasses very comfortable to wear. Plus, the streamlined design leaves room for other protective gear, like ear plugs or a hard hat. I would highly recommend these to anyone working on projects where hands free, focused light is needed. Once you have a pair, you’ll be amazed just how often you end up using them.

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